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Windows Toolkit 2.6.7 Activator Download

The Microsoft Windows is the most famous and popular operating system in the world. Windows Toolkit can help you to activate your operating system. Maybe you know that very few peoples are using the paid version of Windows. This is because a user can easily have it by downloading. But it cannot give you full services or premium services. There is a solution to this problem that is windows toolkit.

Windows toolkit is a free software. The user doesn't need to pay for it. But, this tool allows you to use all the premium feature of windows. Windows Toolkit is a powerful and multipurpose application software. It supports all the Microsoft products version for activation. You should read the whole story about this software in below.

About Activator or Toolkit

Windows Toolkit is powerful and reliable application software. The Microsoft toolkit helps the user to use all the premium version of Windows operating system. It is a totally free tool for everyone. The team DAZ has developed this toolkit. The KMS activator has been accumulated to make this windows toolkit. Don’t you have KMS activator? No need to worry. And if You don’t have KMS Activator, you can use EZ activator rather than the KMS activator.

Windows toolkit helps to avoid license activation. You don't need to worry who have paid version of the operating system. But, they will lose their authentic license key along with the user who uses a free version of windows. This windows toolkit helps to upgrade the Microsoft product. You can uninstall Microsoft products with a just one click. It helps to set up a wizard on different user networks. It also setup wizard on various servers.

Features of Toolkit

  • Easy to activate Windows product through it.
  • It is developed and uninstall product with just one click.
  • To setup wizard on different networks and servers of the user.
  • Easy to identify the original version and free version.
  • Lifetime and permanent activation with real license key.
  • Allows to use all the premium feature of Microsoft Windows.
  • Combined product of KMS activator and EZ activator.
  • Helps to get to the user about Live Tiles and Toast samples.
  • It has visual effect helps to show top quality animation.
  • Supports Windows with 32 bit& 64-bit system.


FREE! Pay nothing, ever.


CLEAN! No Viruses or Trojans.



Why Needs Windows Toolkit?

Windows Toolkit is an open sources application that can activate your Windows with all version. As a result, you will get it without any cost and use to activate your Windows. Usually, free software cannot be trusted or reliable. But this is fully trusted software. Windows toolkit helps to support all Microsoft products. So, you don't need to purchase the Windows operating system from Microsoft company.

We know that if you don't have a paid version of Windows, then you will not access all the premium features. Windows operating system often ask the user to active it. But this toolkit helps to avoid it. Microsoft Toolkit will activate your Windows or Office and make the premium version. You can use this windows vista, windows 7 and 3rd edition of Windows 7 Embedded. People also can use this 10 version of Windows 8, 2nd edition and 3rd edition of Windows 8.

How to Get MS Toolkit Activator?

Microsoft applications is the most important for a computer user such as Windows operating system There are many websites where you can download many types of activator. But it is the best application that can be used for activation of Windows. Here you can download Windows Toolkit 2.6.6 Final for free in below.

download here

Finally, you have the premium version of Windows operating system by using Windows Toolkit. If you have more question about this program, Just contact us. You can also use other activators from our website. Please share this post with your friends.